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Dechra Veterinary Products is the US sales and marketing division of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, a UK listed company. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Dechra Veterinary Products promotes and sells specialized endocrine therapies for companion animals to veterinarians.

Finally, a solution for canine thyroid replacement therapy

Recently launched, Thyroxyl Oral Solution is the same levothyroxine sodium trusted to treat canine hypothyroidism, in a more accurate and convenient liquid formulation. The easy to use dosing syringe enables you to prescribe precise doses to meet the needs of individual dogs. One bottle of Thyroxyl Oral Solution allows you the full range of doses, including fractional doses from 0.1 mg to 1.0 mg., and reduces the need to keep multiple tablet sizes on the shelf. Dose adjustment can be made without recounting tablets for a new prescription. Plus, it's easier for clients to administer, resulting in fewer missed doses and better outcomes. For clients who prefer tablets, Thyroxyl is also available in tablet form.

1stQ 2006 Promotion

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